Clyde Thomas

Photography Portfolios

Hello my friend.  I'm very pleased to have prepared these photography portfolio galleries for you.  Here you will find the results of my forty year career as a commercial advertising and editorial photographer based in the heart of Middle America St. Louis Missouri.  I play very well together with both large and small clients just like you to produce meaningful and rewarding photographic images for advertising, editorial, display, and all media requirements.

At your service,

Clyde Thomas

Commercial Advertising


I make photos and videos for Catalogs, Web Sites, Brochures, Direct Mail Campaigns, Amazon Stores, Magazine Ads, Augmented Print, Trade Show and Point of Purchase Displays, EMail Marketing, News Paper Advertisements, YouTube Channels, and anything else you could possibly think of to satisfy your Advertising needs.



Everyone needs to hear and see Your Story.  I decorate Magazines with powerful communicative imagery for both Covers and Spreads. Personal Stock Photography for your Blog?  Think Public Relations in a Photojournalism style.  Portraits for your News Letter? Let's plan your next Advertorial with Behind The Scenes shots!


Professional and Lifestyle

The most important category of photography to the widest range of industries.  No other element of society has evolved faster than the state of Women's Lifestyles and Professional advancement.  From technology to spirituality, women are leading the way, advising what to buy and how to shop it.  More of this please.


Fashion and Beauty

Entering my 5th decade of photographing women for the fashion and beauty industries, I provide for and collaborate with all ages, in all styles, beautifully, elegantly, tastefully, and most of all respectfullyYes I'm the lucky one, and privileged to explore the fascinating realm of female fashion and beauty photography.


Portraits and Fashion

Nothing returns my childhood faster than spending time with the kids.  I learn from them.  These silly little philosophers wander and wonder with eyes wide open.  Yes I'm hooked, and purposefully intentioned to gift the viewer with the same.  Freedom!  Find it in the eager eyes of the next laughing child you smile upon.  


Fashion & Lifestyle

Dude!  Haven't you heard?  Traditional male archetypes are shattered.  Get your Geek on and embrace the Modern Man-ster within... wherever, and however your saucy swag swings.  From man-scaping to fitness, the magnificent contemporary male reveals an unwitting  hero waiting eagerly around every Uber laden street corner.


Professional & Portrait

Communicate your specific message to your specific audience.  Always portray a particular you to a particular them because they need to see you that way.  Confident, approachable, envisioned... Your photograph says a thousand words without ever tickling a single ear.  Send your message with a strategic portrait.

Corporate Communications

Customer Relations

Customer loyalty is won through building great relationships.  Lift the veil and give everyone a peek behind your curtain.  Forget the canned stock photography and showcase the real people working for your valued clients.  Create vital face time before first contact is ever initiated.  Let your own stars shine brightest.

Utility • Safety • Training


I'm an overinsured thrill seeker.  Take me to your deepest trenches.  Lift me up in your tallest bucket truck.  Utility workers are some real Super Hero's.  They face danger and overcome challenges every day.  Salute them with your next cold drink.  It's cold because they face perils amidst adverse conditions.  Thank YOU!

Manufacturing • Industrial


Santa's workshop employs not elves, but strong talented craftsmen that move the economic engines of the world.  They are our friends and neighbors.  Our families.  No one deserves more respect than the hard working men and women of the manufacturing world.  They make things to make things happen.  

Healthcare • Seniors

Assisted Living

The competitive world of Healthcare and Assisted Living are consistently listed as some of the fastest growing industries.  Successful providers are true caregivers, engaged and trustworthy.  Stand out with heartfelt photography to illustrate the highest quality of dignified life services available.

Performers • Personalities


Without a doubt, the biggest fun I get is while working with performers and personalities.  Always open to the most creative collaborations, professional entertainers are disciplined, dedicated, inspiring, and very educational with storied street smarts and hard earned road chops.   Well Played!  The pleasure is mine.

Food • Product

Jewelry • Accessories

Be they gemstones or gizmos, I'm fascinated by every thing that people need, want and use.  Someone designed it with the hope of satisfying another person.  They had us in mind.  And so I keep them and their prospective customers in mind.  Hero spreads or small parts catalogs, show the world what you got!

Luxury Realty • Spaces

Interior Design

Fabulous interiors are spirited invitations.  Workshop or playpen, sanctuary or storefront, let's see your sandbox and the mighty castles created upon it.  I photograph artistic offices, premium residential, dens of thieves, lounges, living rooms, parlors, salons, your grandmother's drawing room and all sorts of peculiar people places.

Events • Shows • Parties

Festivals • Presentations

Of course I want to go to your show.  Guide me through your event to capture exactly who and what you need, or send me off to browse the extravaganza on my own.  I'll get your shot list and bring home some extras too.  I dress up, or down, fitting perfectly for any occasion.  Weekend and evening bookings always available.